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Element Blocks

Element Blocks

When Harken sets out to create a block for sailors who have always believed they didn’t need Harken, what happens? The new Element block. The name hints at its essence: everything that doesn’t contribute durability or strength is stripped away. The result is an economical block that does a Harken job. Element blocks accept line from 8 - 16 mm. They are offered in singles, doubles, triples, fiddles, and footblocks in 45, 60 and 80 mm sizes.


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Features 196
Shackle blocks lock in two directions or swivel to keep line from twisting

Removable headpost lock allows shackle to be fixed or to swivel.

Element Blocks

60mm Aluminum Element Fiddle Block — Swivel, Cam Cleat

Element Blocks

60mm Aluminum Element Block — Swivel, Becket, Cam Cleat

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