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Dinghy Vang Kit

Part No. 431

Maximum working load (kg) 181 kg

Maximum working load (lb) 400 lb

The dinghy vang features 16 mm sheaves with stainless ball bearing for high loads. The assembly includes a 468 Micro Cam-Matic® cleat that allows precise trimming. It’s easy to cleat because it pivots for a fair lead. The unit connects to a mast bracket with a 1/4" pin. The system provides a 12:1 purchase when cascaded with 4:1 blocks. The kit includes a 16 mm double block cascaded to a Micro single with becket for the vang purchase, plus a Micro single for attaching the cunningham.
Weight (g)291 g
Weight (oz)10.3 oz
Maximum working load (kg)181 kg
Maximum working load (lb)400 lb
Breaking load (lb)1000 lb
Breaking load (kg)454 kg
Maximum sail area (m²)11.6 m²
Maximum sail area (ft²)125 ft²

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