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Carbo OneTouch Locking Winch Handle

Carbo OneTouch Locking Winch Handle

Lightweight and fast-acting, the Carbo OneTouch ball bearing locking winch handle makes grinding winches easy! Racers will maneuver faster and cruisers will have confidence in a reliable and easy-to-use winch handle. The Carbo OneTouch locks in and out of the winch using its patented locking mechanism and ergonomically-designed grab bar. It only takes one hand to set or release the handle—squeeze anywhere along the grab bar with your palm to unlock; release the bar for a secure lock. Harken added SpeedGrip handle technology to the OneTouch for fast and efficient winching. Its independent swivel between the ball bearing knob and hand-grip allows fast trimming using the palm for low-loads, and powerful two-handed grinding when loads are high. At just 590 g (20.8 oz), the Harken Carbo OneTouch is built to be strong but lightweight. The grab bar and main handle are made of the same tough material as our Carbo block line: high-strength, fiber-reinforced composite, UV-stabilized for excellent protection against long-term exposure to saltwater and sun. The handle and grab bar are cross-ribbed and braced for enhanced stiffness. An aluminum grip rod mates seamlessly to a forged aluminum handle insert to manage bending stresses. The black hardcoat-anodized octagonal drive gear is also integrated into the molding process, resulting in an extremely strong, one-piece structure. Its locking pins are tough 316 marine-grade stainless steel. OneTouch is a registered trademark of Donald J. Steiner.


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Handles feature a ball bearing…

Handles feature a ball bearing grip that efficiently transmits power into the winch.

Molded urethane knob for comfo…

Molded urethane knob for comfortable feel and better grip when palming the handle. Handles feature an independent swivel between the knob and handle to keep the wrist straight and arms in the best power position while grinding.

The patented locking mechanism…

The patented locking mechanism features two stainless steel pins that automatically retract when the handle’s full-length grab bar is squeezed, and extend when it is released for a solid, secure lock.

Carbo OneTouch Locking Winch Handle

Solid Fabric Winch Handle Holder – Grey

Carbo OneTouch Locking Winch Handle

Mesh Winch Handle Holder - Grey

Carbo OneTouch Locking Winch Handle

Carbo OneTouch Lock-In Winch Handle

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