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32mm T-Track Endstop — Push-Button

Part No. C10419

Use with track/rail HC7391, HC8880

Harken’s one-way, push-button endstop features a lever arm that hinges flat, allowing the car to be loaded onto the track. Once loaded, the lever springs back to its original position, securely locking the car in place. To remove, manually push the endstop lever arm flat for fast car release.
Length (mm)150 mm
Length (in)5 29/32 in
Width (mm)32 mm
Width (in)1 17/64 in
Weight (g)130 g
Weight (oz)4.6 oz
Fasteners (mm)8 mm
Maximum working load (kg)283 kg
Maximum working load (lb)625 lb
Use with track/railHC7391, HC8880