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32mm End Control — Double Sheave, Set of 2

32mm End Control — Double Sheave, Set of 2

Part No. 3169

Maximum line Ø (mm) 10 mm

Maximum line Ø (in) 3/8 in

Maximum working load (kg) 408 kg

Maximum working load (lb) 900 lb

Purchase 3:1 / 4:1

High-performance end controls allow the installation of 2:1 to 6:1 purchases. Designed for high-performance, free-running systems, Carbo control blocks with Delrin® ball bearings let cars instantly adjust and release under load. Assemblies secure to track, eliminating additional holes. Tough one-piece bases and cam arms are machined from a single piece of aluminum. Compact, low-friction block components combined with Cam-Matic cleats keep weight minimal. Delrin is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.
FootnoteFasteners included
Length (in)4 13/16 in
Sheave Ø (mm)40 mm
Sheave Ø (in)1 9/16 in
Length (mm)122 mm
Width (mm)57 mm
Width (in)2 1/4 in
Maximum line Ø (mm)10 mm
Maximum line Ø (in) 3/8 in
Fasteners (mm)10 RH mm
Maximum working load (kg)408 kg
Maximum working load (lb)900 lb
Breaking load (kg)1040 kg
Breaking load (lb)2300 lb
Height above track (mm)51 mm
Height above track (in)2 in
Weight for pair (g)887 g
Weight for pair (oz)31 oz
Purchase 3:1 / 4:1

Fasteners included