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Introducing the Harken Single-Acting Integral Backstay Adjuster

Harken reliability you expect for less than you might expect.

It’s one of the best things about sailors: we hate to give up on our equipment. But if you’re like a lot of owners of boats with vintage integral hydraulic backstay units, you’ve been putting up with seepage and slippage for too long. We’ve introduced our new integral hydraulic unit to convince you it’s finally time to pull the pins on that leaker and start anew.

Unlike some competitive units, you’ll notice the Harken Single-Acting Integral Backstay Adjuster has no external hydraulic hoses to snag docklines or lazy sheets and come loose. As you pump the handle, the single-acting pump pushes fluid through a hole gun-drilled inside the stainless rod, to top of the cylinder, creating pressure and backstay tension. A simple pressure-release knob releases that pressure, reducing mast bend. All the fluid stays inside the tube all of the time.

The new Harken Integral is designed to be bulletproof and need no nursing for years. That pressure-release knob cannot be over-tightened. Turn it clockwise to close, counterclockwise to open. A very analog, very pragmatic position indicator completes the offering — to make duplicating settings fool-proof.

There are four unit sizes, appropriate for boats from 9-18 m (30-60 ft). Questions can be directed to Harken customer service by phone at (262) 691-3320 or by email at customerservice@harken.com.

Shop now at harken.com/integralbackstay or find a dealer near you: harken.com/en/store-locator/