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Harken Air Winch 900

Impressive power. On a crash diet. That's the Air 900.

This is Harken’s largest offering in the growing Air® Winch range. These sophisticated pieces of high-strength steel, aluminum alloy, and carbon were first developed at the request of teams seeking performance to harness the potential of 100’ Ultime Trimarans along with a substantial weight reduction compared to our previous offering in this power range.

These winches provide 9000 kg working loads in a package that includes a 13% larger drum diameter than the Harken 1130STR that preceded it. The larger drum of the 900 lets trimmers apply fewer sheet wraps to the drum, allowing more precise easing while simultaneously controlling very high loads. Paired with a unique downdrive system, this winch can help solo or double-handed sailors deliver the torque required to manage loads created by the incredible righting moment and enormous rigs aboard the Ultimes.

The Air Winch 900 sits 17% lower to the deck, reducing parasitic drag in applications where the winch is mounted outside on deck. It features a new self-tailing design allowing an incredible range of line sizes (from 8 mm to 16 mm). Most important, all of this new geometry is delivered in a winch that is fully 24.5% lighter than the 1130STR. That bears repeating: The drum is 13% larger, yet the whole winch is 24.5% lighter. In applications where budget will allow, the addition of titanium in components appropriate for the load requirements will likely reduce the weight even further.

To optimize performance over long distances, Harken has moved from a grease-only lubrication to a mixture of grease and sealed areas lubricated with oil. Some faster gears live in a sealed area that can be lubricated with oil. Optimal lubrication can also be guaranteed by sealing off important components such as the pawl area for better protection and friction resistance over time.

Like every Air Winch, the 900 comes with a distinctive massive hole in the middle. This was only possible by eliminating 10% of the parts found in the 1130STR and in the process, locating a small and quite compact gear box with the entire transmission positioned next to the transmission crown. All of this lives within the drum, leaving only the memory of the kilos that have been removed.