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Harken Adds Cable-Free Code Zero and Forked Fittings to Reflex™

Harken announces new Reflex accessories for cable-free Code Zero sails and forked fittings for asymmetric spinnakers and Code Zero applications. After realizing the customers' desire to add to their new or existing furling inventory, the benefits of the current Reflex components have been extended to cover the array of customer's free-flying furling needs.

The patented Harken Reflex furling system provides sailors confidence that their free-flying spinnakers, gennakers, and code sails will furl with speed and control offering low friction, reliability and simplicity. By pulling the furling line, the drive unit reacts reflexively to rotate the torsion cable, immediately transferring torque to the head swivel without unwanted twisting. The head swivel reacts instantly, spinning the sail smoothly and seamlessly from top to bottom for even roll-up and a tight wrap. The furled spinnaker may then be lowered, ready for the next hoist.

Harken's new accessories for cable-free Code Zero sails provide assurance these new designs will furl with speed and control. Reflex has proven an effective solution for sails that require less luff-load, without cables. The head swivels and tack plate bases are webbed or sewn directly to each sail. The tack plates are T-shaped, as are all Reflex tack fittings, and slide directly into the Reflex drive unit, allowing one unit to furl multiple sails.

The forked fittings extend the benefits of Reflex to retrofit existing asymmetrical or Code Zero sails with cables. Harken's Reflex accessories are a game changer making handling asymmetric sails easy so sailors can use them more often, even when short-handed. Furling has never been this simple.

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