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Gripping News - Harken Introduces Harken Marine Grip

A Superior, Nonabrasive Grip Tape

PEWAUKEE, Wis. - Harken Marine Grip, a thin, durable, nonabrasive grip tape that is more effective than adhesive alternatives and waxes, is now available. The superior grip tape reduces slipping and stands up to harsh marine conditions.

“What I think our customers will like about Harken Marine Grip is what it doesn't do,” said Jim Andersen, Harken USA Sales Manager. “It doesn't get hot in the sunlight or oxidize. It doesn't come off in pieces when it's removed or abrade skin or clothing. It doesn't make promises it won't keep.”

The grip tape was developed by a surfer in Hawaii to mimic the performance of surf wax without its negatives - with durability and practicality in mind. The cost-effective, non-skid grip tape is easy to install and clean, remains in place without peeling, sheds water and grime and won't burn feet. Product test data shows that Harken Marine Grip improves wet or dry footing better than the other commercial adhesives and waxes tested.

Harken Marine Grip can be found at Harken dealers in 60-foot rolls, strips of multiple sizes and unique, hexagon-shaped pieces that can be assembled to create larger customized areas. The colors available are black, grey or translucent white.

To learn more about Harken Marine Grip and its benefits, visit: https://youtu.be/dTjkE3G0FuQ.

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