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    Harken a Proud Sponsor of US Sailing REACH Initiative


    US Sailing's Reach STEM education initiative is a national program that uses sailing as a medium to teach science and environmental stewardship to middle-school age youth of all backgrounds. Mastering the complex skill set of sail and boat-handling techniques needed to move a boat smoothly through the water is a great way for young people to learn about science, engineering, and mathematics, build their confidence and leadership skills, and have fun doing it. Plus, the Reach program also serves as an on-ramp for students that get hooked on a sport that promises endless learning and a lifetime of joy.

    It's a real privilege to be part of US Sailing's Reach program. The Harken team is looking forward to working with Reach in developing interactive displays, educational content, and event-based experiences for the upcoming season and for many years to come.

    "No sport in the world lends itself better to STEM learning than sailing. Angles, mechanical advantage, navigation, buoyancy-sailing never stops teaching. Kids need a link between classroom concepts and fun. It's why we believe strongly in Reach, US Sailing's STEM Education Initiative." - Olaf Harken

    "US Sailing's Reach Initiative is thrilled to have Harken's support. Their expertise in mechanical engineering, machining, and mechanical advantage will bring our students the best information available. We have had the opportunity to work with Harken on several projects in the last few years. Every Harken team member we work with is a role model for Reach students. Hopefully they too will one day work in an innovative company, using STEM every day to solve real world problems, and create cutting edge technology." - Jessica Servis, REACH Program Manager

    To learn more about Reach and STEM education, check out the US Sailing website at


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