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    U-Adaptors & Springs


    U-adaptors-springs.jpgWe often hear about U-Adaptors for small boat blocks and the use of springs to stand blocks up (including on the mainsheet cam swivel).

    The first thing to understand about U-Adaptors is they are designed to replace shackles and turn blocks into forkheads. Sometimes confusion occurs when the U-Adaptor is used with a swivel. If the adaptor is put on the headpost of the swivel, the forces are applied in the wrong direction and damage will occur.

    In order to use the block and U-Adaptor with a spring, here are a few tips that can make life easier.

    First, precompress the spring with cable ties. This allows you to assemble without fighting the spring all the time. Also note the use of an MP-1877B plastic washer to make something positive for the spring to press against.

    The use of soft attachments is changing the way we regard blocks and articulation, but there is definitely still room for the spring and shackle or U-Adaptor!

    Please feel free to contact us for further advice on U-Adaptors, springs and system assembly.

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