The newest member of the Luna Rossa America's Cup syndicate, Bora Gulari has been sailing since the age of 5, when his dad set him up with a modified windsurfing rig. It didn't take long before Bora was hooked on the thrill of white-knuckle speed.

Given his windsurfing background, Bora considered an RS:X campaign, but fate intervened when he discovered YouTube videos of Moth legend Rohan Veal flying on foils. A purchase was made, sight unseen, and Gulari never looked astern.

Bora Gulari Video Interview


An innovator with a passion for sailing, two-time Moth world champion Bora Gulari talks with Harken USA CEO, Bill Goggins, about building go-fasts in his basement, max speeds for the Moth, thoughts on the America’s Cup, sailing heroes, and a whole lot more.

Stories of Technique and Finesse from the Midwest is the third episode of this four-part series. 


We all Need Heroes is the second of a four-part video interview with Bora. Bora talks about the people who have helped him grow as a sailor and how his degree in aerospace engineering has given him the tools he needs to make boats fast.


Details Make the Difference is the first of a four-part video interview with Bora. Three more conversations will follow in the coming weeks. Enjoy.

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