Harken Introduces the SUP Hoister for Stand-Up Paddle Board Garage Storage


    7808_SUP-lift.jpgPewaukee, WI—A stand-up board is really hard to carry alone and takes up lots of space. Our solution? Hoist it out of the way with the Harken SUP Hoister. The board secures safely off the garage floor, leaving plenty of room for other toys.

    “SUPs are wide and awkward to handle,” said Syd Millman, Harken industrial sales. “Our SUP Hoister makes it easy for one person to raise the board off the top of a vehicle, store it at height, and lower it onto the car top for one more day of SUPing fun.”

    The SUP Hoister uses a simple block and tackle system with durable stainless pulleys to let one person easily raise, store, and lower the board using a single control rope. A patented feature ensures the board always lifts evenly, no matter how its weight is distributed. A self-locking cleat grips rope instantly if it is accidentally released.

    Kit includes everything you need for installation—stainless steel hardware and strong double-braid rope. Handles loads up to 20.4 kg (45 lb).

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