Harken France Interviews Vendée Winner François Gabart about Harken Gear


Harken France: What were the reasons you chose Harken fittings and winches for MACIF?
François Gabart: Harken has accompanied me since the Figaro. I have always been satisfied with the Harken equipment aboard my boat so why change? Their reputation and experience on the IMOCA 60 was a guaranteed success!

HF: In what ways have Harken products supported you in the victory of the Vendée Globe?
FG: Being reliable to the finish! Indeed, during the Vendée Globe, I was impressed by the strength of the winches, given the extreme conditions encountered during a large majority of the race. The condition of the winches after the race was excellent and reinforced our choice!

HF: Could you tell us a story that relates to Harken?
FG: No! But this is good news because a story about the Harken products would be linked to a problem, and I have no case to report.

HF: What is the conclusion that you can draw on after your around the world solo?
FG: MACIF could leave on another world tour and the equipment would be ready to go!

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