Images At The Front Photo Contest

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Photo Perspective:

Harken has a very specific criteria for the perspective required of photos in order to qualify for entry into the “Images At The Front” contest.

The most serious contenders will transport viewers, placing them in the middle of the activity on board, engaging the mind’s eye to help us feel the moment(s) your have selected.

It is certain, AT THE FRONT of sailing is a mental space much broader than a champagne-soaked awards ceremony or blasting down a 10 meter wave in the Southern Ocean. THE FRONT of sailing can be in an ice-packed harbor in Spitsbergen or diving to check an anchor placement in the Red Sea. AT THE FRONT…anywhere sailing at its most stirring is practiced.

Photos are not required to overtly depict Harken products. Subtlety can be your friend here. But please remember, we are running a commercial enterprise, even the most amazing photo imaginable, featuring one of our respected competitor’s products readily identifiable front and center will probably not win our Grand Prize.

To qualify as entries photos must: