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Ratchet Blocks Q&A

Harken Ratchamatic®, Carbo Ratchet, and Hexaratchet® blocks are lightweight, strong, and run exclusively on ball bearings for fast trimming under any load.

Electric Furling Q&A

Harken electric furling allows you to cruise in luxury and reef, furl, or set sail safely from the cockpit with the push of a button. Find answers to questions we're often asked about electric furling systems.

Traveler Track Q&A

Harken traveler systems are grouped into seven basic families—Micro, Small Boat, Midrange, Big Boat, Mini-Maxi, Maxi and CRX. Each family of cars is engineered to handle different loads and applications and Harken track is designed to be compatible with these features.

ESP Blocks Q&A

ESP stands for Elegant Simple Products. ESP blocks have a simpler construction and bearing system than Black Magic® and stainless steel blocks, but they complement these lines with similar aesthetics. ESPs are strong, reliable, and cost-effective.

Classic Blocks Q&A

Harken blocks are lightweight, strong and free running. Find answers to questions we're often asked on how to go about choosing the right hardware for your boat.

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