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Harken's philosophy is simple and is expressed in our four Weather Marks.

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Reeving 6:1 Purchases

How should a 6:1 purchase be reeved? You will be delighted to hear there is a trick!

Block and traveler maintenance…what’s the big deal?

Less maintenance = more friction = less efficiency

Choosing Winches

Choosing a new winch gives you a few questions to answer, here are the key things to consider!

Ratchet blocks...they don't just go click!

Ratchet blocks are becoming an essential part of any boat’s equipment. The Tech Team explains...

Using U-Adaptors and Springs

In order to use blocks and U-Adaptors with a spring effectively here are a few tips that can make life easier.

Self-Tacking Jibs: Why, How, and What to Watch Out For

There is a trend to fit self-tacking jibs onto older boats. This is easily done, but requires some thought. Here are my tips for three basic arrangements!

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