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Optimist Fever

Learn why this 8 ft, flat-bottomed kid's boat has become the first trainer for many of the world's best. And why this unassuming dinghy has brought more new sailors into the sport than any other.

Around the World with Harken’s Tech Team: Abu Dhabi

Do you like extreme sailing? Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes?

History of Harken Small Boat Block Development

Like many good ideas, Peter Harken's decision to use plastic instead of steel ball bearings in his boat hardware was born of necessity.

Pedestal Designs See Dramatically Improved Aerodynamics

New Harken pedestal designs dramatically improve aerodynamics.

Around the World with Harken’s Tech Team: Cape Town

Follow as we track Harken’s team of technical specialists to event stopovers and see what goes on behind the scenes.

History of Harken AC Hardware Development

Peter and Olaf Harken discuss the development of Harken hardware

Around-the-world with Harken's Tech Team - Part 4

Our Tech Team's behind-the-scenes look at all the action from the ground at the Auckland VOR stopover!

Around-the-world with Harken’s Tech Team - Part 6

Newport stopover

Around-the-world with Harken’s Tech Team - Part 7

Lisbon stopover

Around-the-world with Harken's Tech Team - Part 5

Our main challenge for this stop was going to be how to turn around Dongfeng Race Team in the minimal time they would have in Itajai.

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