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Loïck Peyron Video: Philosophy

Loïck Peyron is philosophical about his high-risk lifestyle. He says that pushing the envelope is the way he wants to live, so he happily accepts the consequences of his decisions—bad or good.

Bora Gulari Video Interview

An innovator with a passion for sailing, two-time Moth world champion Bora Gulari talks about building go-fasts in his basement, max speeds for the Moth, thoughts on the America’s Cup, sailing heroes, and a whole lot more.

Samantha Davies

Sam Davies fulfills a life-long dream as skipper of the Open 60 Roxie in the Vendée Globe.

Loïck Peyron Video: What it Takes to Set a World Record

Loïck Peyron talks about Banque Populaire and what it took to set a record in the Jules Verne.

Mischa Heemskerk

David Schmidt interviews Mischa Heemskerk about rigging for speed on the F18.

Harken France Interviews Vendée Winner François Gabart about Harken Gear

Harken France interviews Vendée Globe winner François Gabart on the performance of his Harken gear.

Harken: Proud Suppliers of the World’s Fastest Hardware

It was with much excitement that we read our emails back in a cold and wet November to find that Paul Larsen and the Sailrocket team had obliterated the Outright World Speed Sailing record.

Anna Tunnicliffe

David Schmidt interviews Anna Tunnicliffe,USSTAG Match Racing skipper

Loïck Peyron: Sailing and Family

Loïck Peyron, currently a helmsman aboard the AC challenger Artemis, shares thoughts on his sailing career and family.

Loïck Peyron Video: No News Means Good News

Loïck compares the simplicity of solo sailing 30 years ago with today’s advancements in technologies and communication.

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