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Harken Sport: Lens Types and Specifications

Harken sunglass lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays, 90 to 95% of short wave blue light, and absorb 99.9% of reflected glare. Contoured lenses eliminate distortion.

Harken Sport: Footwear Technology

We pioneered the athletic sailing shoe, designing every last detail to address the rigorous demands of the water.

Installing an ESP Furler

Stan Cockeram from Harken UK documents the installation of an ESP Jib Reefing & Furling System.

Adjustable Spinnaker Pole Cars

A Harken ball bearing spinnaker pole car makes it possible to adjust the car, even on a heavy air reach. Raise the pole's outboard end for a fuller, more powerful shape. Lower the pole's outboard end for a flatter, less powerful shape.

Ready to Reef and Roll

Furlers allow you to reef or stow the genoa from the safety of the cockpit instead of having to drag sails onto the foredeck. You can sail your boat shorthanded, or have your normal crew sail a larger boat.

6:1 Right-Angle Reeving Dead-End on Becket

5:1 Right-Angle Reeving To Swivel Base

Evolution of the TTR AirBlock

“Racing brings on head-scratching innovation,” said Peter Harken about Harken’s long involvement in the America’s Cup. Ethan Brown’s article traces the development of the TTR AirBlock®,

Curved Track

Harken can bend track vertically ends down or ends up, horizontally, or with a compound bend depending on your boat's requirements.

Winches Magnify People Power

A wide variety of mechanical devices have evolved to allow relatively weak people to control highly-loaded systems. Block and tackles, hydraulics, and winches are the most common devices to magnify "people power."

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