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Genoa Lead Car Systems

Outhaul Systems

Mainsail Reefing Systems

Mastbase and Cabintop Blocks

Spinnaker Pole Handling and Halyards

Backstay Adjuster Systems

Traveler Maintenance Video with McLube OneDrop™

Chris Larson demonstrates Harken traveler maintenance and the benefits of McLube OneDrop ball bearing conditioner.

Self-Tacking Jib and Staysail Systems

Ratchet Blocks

You hear them across every racecourse, telling you your competitors are trimming sheets and adjusting controls. But ratchet blocks are more than just noisy psychological weapons. They're an indispensable piece of hardware on dinghies, one-designs, and even cruising boats. Understanding ratchets and effectively designing them into your hardware systems will allow you to trim and make adjustments with more precision.

Adjustable Spinnaker Pole Cars

A Harken ball bearing spinnaker pole car makes it possible to adjust the car, even on a heavy air reach. Raise the pole's outboard end for a fuller, more powerful shape. Lower the pole's outboard end for a flatter, less powerful shape.

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