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The Harken Story - the real fuel behind a company's success is its people.

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Block Loading vs. Angle of Deflection

Harken Loading Formulas: Block loading vs Angle of Deflection

Evolution of the TTR AirBlock

“Racing brings on head-scratching innovation,” said Peter Harken about Harken’s long involvement in the America’s Cup. Ethan Brown’s article traces the development of the TTR AirBlock®,

Winches Magnify People Power

A wide variety of mechanical devices have evolved to allow relatively weak people to control highly-loaded systems. Block and tackles, hydraulics, and winches are the most common devices to magnify "people power."

Adjustable Spinnaker Pole Cars

A Harken ball bearing spinnaker pole car makes it possible to adjust the car, even on a heavy air reach. Raise the pole's outboard end for a fuller, more powerful shape. Lower the pole's outboard end for a flatter, less powerful shape.

Fastener Types

Harken drawing showing different types of fasteners.

5:1 Right-Angle Reeving Dead-End On Becket

Max Working Load by Boat

Curved Track

Harken can bend track vertically ends down or ends up, horizontally, or with a compound bend depending on your boat's requirements.

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