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Unit 3 MKIV Jib Furling System Unit 3 MKIV Jib Furling System
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Unit 3 MKIV Jib Furling System

Part No. 7413.10
$7,124.00  Not available on-line. Please contact your Harken dealer.
Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (mm)11, 12 mm
Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (in)1/2, 7/16 in
Rod Ø (mm)11.1, 9.53 mm
Rod Ø (dash)-22, -30
Clevis pin Ø (mm)19.1, 22.2 mm
Clevis pin Ø (in)3/4, 7/8 in

MKIV furling systems are strong, lightweight and aerodynamic, with the performance and features Harken® is known for. Longevity, ease of use, and simplicity of installation are crucial components of the design.

Extrusion length (ft in)7' ft in
Luff tape size (mm)5 mm
Luff tape size (in)#6 (6/32) in 
Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (mm)11, 12 mm
Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (in)1/2, 7/16 in
Rod Ø (mm)11.1, 9.53 mm
Rod Ø (dash)-22, -30 
Clevis pin Ø (mm)19.1, 22.2 mm
Clevis pin Ø (in)3/4, 7/8 in
Standard headstay length (m)22.76 m
Standard headstay length (ft in)74' 8" ft in
Maximum headstay length (m)24.89 m
Maximum headstay length (ft in)81' 8" ft in
A (mm)186 mm
A (in)7 5/16 in
B (mm)296 mm
B (in)11 5/8 in
C maximum (mm)457 m
C maximum (in)18 in
D (mm)86 mm
D (in)3 3/8 in
E maximum (mm)1293 mm
E maximum (in)50 7/8 in
E minimum (mm)1278 mm
E minimum (in)50 5/16 in
F maximum (mm)474 mm
F maximum (in)18 11/16 in
F minimum (mm)460 mm
F minimum (in)18 1/16 in
G maximum (mm)427 mm
G maximum (in)16 13/16 in
G minimum (mm)413 mm
G minimum (in)16 1/2 in
H (mm)247 mm
H (in)9 3/4 in
I (mm)121 mm
I (in)4 3/4 in
J maximum (mm)195 mm
J maximum (in)7 11/16 in
J minimum (mm)180 mm
J minimum (in)7 1/8 in
K (mm)38 mm
K (in)1/2 in
L (mm)43 mm
L (in)1 11/16 in
Extrusion length (m)2.13 m
Manual: 4419.pdf (open/save)
Manual: 4419.pdf (open/save)
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DO NOT use Harken equipment for human suspension unless product is specifically certified and labeled for such use.

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