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Unit 2E MKIV Electric Furling System — 24V Unit 2E MKIV Electric Furling System — 24V
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Unit 2E MKIV Electric Furling System — 24V

Part No. 7412.13 24V
$11,476.00  Not available on-line. Please contact your Harken dealer.
Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (mm)10, 8 mm
Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (in)3/8, 5/16 in
Rod Ø (mm)7.14, 8.38, 9.53 mm
Rod Ø (dash)-12, -17, -22
Clevis pin Ø (mm)15.9, 19.1 mm
Clevis pin Ø (in)3/4, 5/8 in

Designed for large cruising boats, electric furling is a headsail system that helps you get the most out of your boat, while letting you comfortably reef, furl, and set sails from the cockpit with the push of a button.

J (mm)32 mm
J (in)1 1/4 in
K (mm)36 mm
K (in)1 3/8 in
Extrusion length (m)2.13 m
Extrusion length (ft in)7 ft in
Luff tape size (mm)5 mm
Luff tape size (in)#6 (6/32) in
Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (mm)10, 8 mm
Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (in)3/8, 5/16 in
Rod Ø (mm)7.14, 8.38, 9.53 mm
Rod Ø (dash)-12, -17, -22 
Clevis pin Ø (mm)15.9, 19.1 mm
Clevis pin Ø (in)3/4, 5/8 in
Standard headstay length (m)18.57 m
Standard headstay length (ft in)60'11" ft in
Maximum headstay length (m)20.7 m
Maximum headstay length (ft in)67'11" ft in
A (mm)143 mm
A (in)5 3/8 in
B (mm)231 mm
B (in)9 1/8 in
C (mm)82 mm
C (in)3 1/4 in
D (mm)841 mm
D (in)33 1/16 in
E (mm)622 mm
E (in)24 1/2 in
F (mm)574 mm
F (in)22 5/8 in
G (mm)116 mm
G (in)4 1/2 in
H (mm)212 mm
H (in)8 11/32 in
Manual: 4676.pdf (open/save)
Manual: 4676Parts.pdf (open/save)
EPS: 7412.13_12V.eps (open/save)
High-res JPG: 7412.13_12V.jpg (open/save)

DO NOT use Harken equipment for human suspension unless product is specifically certified and labeled for such use.

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