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CRX Roller Traveler Cars

42 mm CRX Car — Deadends, 100 mm Stand-Up

Part No. C10068
  Not available on-line. Please contact Harken.
Length (mm)254 mm
Maximum working load (kg)5000 kg

The CRX Roller Traveler carries almost double the load at half the weight of similarly sized traveler cars. Torlon® rollers provide increased bearing contact over balls to handle higher loads. Captive bearings make cars easy to load and maintain.

Torlon® is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced Polymers.

Length (mm)254 mm
Height (mm)230.26 mm
Weight (kg)5.71 kg
Maximum working load (kg)5000 kg
Breaking load (kg)10000 kg

DO NOT use Harken Equipment for Human suspension.

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