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Unit 5 MKIV Hydraulic

Unit 5 MKIV Foil Connector Set — 305 mm, Fits 7415.15S

Part No. 7415.31S
$191.10  Not available on-line. Please contact your Harken dealer.
Use with furling unit7415.15S

C-shaped open connectors with low-friction plastic isolators slip onto the headstay wire and into foil for easy installation.

Length (mm)305 mm
Length (in)12" in
Rod Ø (dash)-48, -60 
Rod Ø (mm)14.3, 16.76 mm
Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (mm)16 mm
Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (in)5/8 in
Use with furling unit7415.15S 
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DO NOT use Harken equipment for human suspension unless product is specifically certified and labeled for such use.

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