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Furling Accessories

Powered Furling Drill Adapter

Part No. 7431
$29.05  Not available on-line. Please contact your Harken dealer.
Use with furling unitElectric/hydraulic furling

A cordless drill adapter and a short crank handle are included with each furler. Use the emergency handle or a cordless drill to turn the foil until the sail is reefed or furled.

Weight (g)71 g
Weight (oz)2.5 oz
Use with furling unitElectric/hydraulic furling 
DWG: 7431.DWG (open/save)
DXF: 7431.DXF (open/save)
IGS: 7431.IGS (open/save)
EPS: 7431.eps (open/save)

DO NOT use Harken Equipment for Human suspension.

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