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32 mm Car Control Block Kit 32 mm Car Control Block Kit
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32 mm Big Boat Accessories

32 mm Car Control Block Kit

Part No. T32KIT
$129.55  In Stock

Kits are available for Big Boat cars with ESP controls and ESP end controls to upgrade purchase from 1:1 to 4:1.

Includes (4) 35 mm control blocks, (2) Midrange/Big Boat deadends, (8) M6 fasteners 
Manual: T32KIT Manual: 4360.pdf (open/save)
Manual: 4361 Manual: T32KIT.HL (open/save)
EPS: T32KIT.eps (open/save)
High-res JPG: T32KIT.jpg (open/save)

DO NOT use Harken Equipment for Human suspension.

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