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Rotary Pump — Female Input Shaft, Left Hand Rotation Rotary Pump — Female Input Shaft, Left Hand Rotation
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Rotary Pumps

Rotary Pump — Female Input Shaft, Left Hand Rotation

Part No. HYPR212MXL
$13,699.00  Not available on-line. Please contact your Harken dealer.
Maximum pressure (bar)689 bar
Maximum pressure (psi)10000 psi

Harken offers two sizes of 2-speed, pedestal-driven rotary pumps for Grand Prix race boats 13.7 - 30.5 m (45 - 100'). They deliver oil faster, more efficiently, and with higher shift points than other pumps of comparable sizes. The pumps shift from 1st to 2nd gear both automatically and manually, with automatic shift points determined by the maximum output of the grinders. If fewer crew are grinding, and not enough power is generated to reach the automatic shift point, pumps can be shifted manually—the 20 cc pump by simply reversing the pedestal handles; the 10 cc pump by using a pull-cord attached to a lever.

Pumps are made of corrosion-resistant Hard Lube-anodized aluminum, with aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel components. Both include a non-return valve on the outlet to prevent backflow.

Patent-pending pumps have either a straight-splined output shaft or a direct-mount internal fitting. Use a straight-splined shaft to attach the pump to a bevel box, pedestal or to mount remotely. Use a direct-mount fitting to attach to the MX pedestal for a tight, secure connection. Two banks of six pistons feature spring returns and large volume output. Maximum pressure is 10,000 psi (689 bar).

Output/revolution (400 RPM Maximum): 1st low pressure20.5 cc
Output/revolution (400 RPM maximum): 1st low pressure1.25 in³
Output/revolution (400 RPM maximum): 2nd high pressure6.3 cc
Output/revolution (400 RPM maximum): 2nd high pressure0.39 in³
Maximum pressure (bar)689 bar
Maximum pressure (psi)10000 psi
Ports/fittings suction3/8" 37° JIC 
Ports/fittings pressure3/8" 37° JIC 
Weight (kg)4.5 kg
Weight (lb)9.9 lb
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DO NOT use Harken equipment for human suspension unless product is specifically certified and labeled for such use.

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