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Load Controllers

46 Radial Horizontal Motor Load Controller — 24V

Part No. LCRH46224
$293.00  Not available on-line. Please contact your Harken dealer.
Use with winches46 Radial horizontal; 46RW 24V
Voltage (V)24 V

The winch load controller is an electronic system that protects Harken winches from overload by temporarily interrupting the power supply to the winch. The Load Controller comes installed with standard overload settings. It is offered as standard equipment or as an option, depending on winch size and motor wattage. Use WLC200R with Radial winches. For further information contact Harken Italy.

Use with winches46 Radial horizontal; 46RW 24V 
Rated for motor power900 watts
UseRecommended: 46 Radial horizontal; Required: 46RW 24V 
Voltage (V)24 V
2nd speed blocking current117 
Length (mm)85 mm
Length (in)3 11/32 in
Width (mm)56 mm
Width (in)2 7/32 in
Height (mm)35 mm
Height (in)1 3/8 in
Weight (g)210 g
Weight (oz)7.4 oz
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DO NOT use Harken Equipment for Human suspension.

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