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Classic Self-Tailing

16 Self-Tailing Classic Winch

Part No. B16STCCS
  Not available on-line. Please contact your Harken dealer.
Maximum line Ø (mm)12 mm
Maximum line Ø (in)1/2 in
Power ratio - 116.6

All-chrome winches combine the elegance of highly polished finishes with the dependable, low-friction pulling power of Harken® gearing systems. All-chrome winches feature 17-4PH stainless steel gears for strength.

Drum Ø (mm)70 mm
Drum Ø (in)2 3/4 in
Base Ø (mm)120 mm
Base Ø (in)4 3/4 in
Height (mm)142 mm
Height (in)5 9/16 in
Weight (kg)4.1 kg
Weight (lb)9 lb
Line entry height (mm)50 mm
Line entry height (in)2 in
Minimum line Ø (mm)6 mm
Minimum line Ø (in) 1/4 in
Maximum line Ø (mm)12 mm
Maximum line Ø (in)1/2 in
Fastener circle (mm)90 mm
Fastener circle (in)3 9/16 in
Fasteners (mm)6 FH mm
Fasteners (in)1/4 FH in
Number of fasteners
Gear ratio - 12.3 
Power ratio - 116.6 

DO NOT use Harken equipment for human suspension unless product is specifically certified and labeled for such use.

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