Drive Components

Gear Boxes
The bevel gear box is the basic building block of belt-drive pedestal systems. The B606 gear box is designed for up to a six-man, three-pedestal input. The B701 accommodates up to an eight-man, three-plus pedestal input.

Gear box housings are CNC-machined from a solid piece of aluminum, hardcoat-anodized for strength and durability. Gears, shafts, and rollers are 17-4PH stainless steel and are lubricated in a sealed oil bath for minimal maintenance.

Drive Shafts
Harken® offers two types of drive shafts. Extruded, splined, aluminum drive shafts may be cut to length. Carbon tubular drive shafts are available with bonded end fittings for U-joints or spherical CV joints. Shaft choice is determined by load, cost, and weight considerations. Your Harken® representative can provide details on the best drive shaft for your boat.

System disconnects can be activated with either levers and control lines for hand operation, or a two-position push button for foot activation. The Harken foot button has fewer than 10 components, compared to almost 100 in other buttons, minimizing the possibility of losing or breaking parts. Foot button tops come in red, black or blue to distinguish functions above deck.

Support Shafts
To space and support a gear box beneath a winch, Harken® supplies tubes for the B606 and B701 series gear boxes. Tubes are made to length from carbon fiber/epoxy with bonded aluminum ends.

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