Unit 3.5C Carbon

Harken carbon furlers are the ultimate lightweight reefing and furling solution. Featuring all-carbon foils and carbon components in the drum and torque tube, these units can save you from 25 to 200 pounds (11-90 kg). The lower weight fore and aloft not only reduces pitching and heeling, but also reduces the amount of lead needed in the keel.

Carbon furlers have a smooth, elegant finish and are UV resistant. The fiber, the same used in most carbon masts (T300 or equivalent), is laid in the direction of the load to optimize strength and weight. High-strength Spectra® line on the tack, head, and halyard swivels replaces heavy metal attachments. The independent swivels improve sail shape by letting the sail center furl before the head.

Foils are made of filament-wound carbon to maximize torsional strength. For faster sail changes, contact Harken to order foils with double sail grooves instead of the standard single groove. Built-in turnbuckles make installation and mast tuning easy. Foil kits include an extra foil and connector. Installation by an authorized professional required.

Spectra® is a registered trademark of Honeywell International, Inc.

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