Circuit Breakers, Control Boxes

Each electric winch requires one control box, one breaker, and two switches. Harken® recommends adding an optional load controller. For winches larger than B980, please contact Harken. Hydraulic units require two switches.

Battery voltage and winch size determine which control boxes, circuit breakers, and load controllers you should use. For winches size B1110 and above, contact Harken for appropriate components.

Electrical Control Boxes
Electric control boxes contain solenoids to operate the winches. Based on winch size and voltage, select one control box for each electric winch.

High-Amperage Circuit Breakers
Harken offers five panel-mount, high-amperage circuit breakers. They are compact, waterproof, weather-resistant, and ignition-protected. Circuit breakers are available for 12- or 24-volt DC systems.

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