Class History

Harken congratulates the Flying Scott Class which In January 2012, celebrated the build of hull #6000.Designed in 1957 by Gordon K.(Sandy) Douglass, this 19 foot, stable centerboarder is easy-to-sail, forgiving and fun. The large cockpit holds eight, making it ideal for gunkholing and family daysailing. A crew of two or three can put this popular boat through its paces for tight, tactical racing. Selected for the American Sailing Hall of Fame in 1998, the Flying Scot has been used for many US Sailing events including the Mallory, Adams and Sears Cup Championships. flying-scot-sailplan.gif

Boat Specifications

Length Overall: 19 ft (5.8 m)
Beam: 8 ft ( 2 m)
Draft-Board Up: 8 in (.2 m)
Draft-Board Down: 48 in (1.2 m)
Mast Height: 28 ft (8.6 m)
Sail Area, Main & Jib: 191 sq. ft (17.65 sq. m)
Sail Area, Spinnaker: 200 sq. ft ( 18.6 sq m)
All Up Weight: 1200 lb (545 kg)

Flying Scot


Flying Scot Mainsheet System57 mm Carbo Fiddle - 262157 mm Carbo Block -260057 mm Carbo with Becket - 2601Large Swivel Cam Base - 14457 mm Carbo Ratchamatic - 2625

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57 mm Carbo Mainsheet System

This efficient 3:1 system features an automatic load-sensing Ratchamatic® block mounted to a swivel base that rotates to face the trimmer. The ratchet mechanism can be set to increase holding power in big air or turned down so the mainsheet runs freely when the wind is light.

Flying Scott Cunningham, Vang29 mm Carbo Swivel w/Becket - 34140 mm Fixed Carbo - 265029 mm Fixed Carbo - 34829 mm Carbo Cheek Block - 350Micro Cam w/ X-Treme Angle Fairlead - 474Micro Stand-up Block - 24329 mm Carbo Cheek Block  - 35029 mm Carbo Cheek - 35029mm Carbo Cheek Block - 350

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This 6:1 cascading system cleats on the centerboard trunk and provides plenty of power to play the cunningham from either side of the boat.

Racing Vang

Built of lightweight 40 mm Carbo blocks, this free-running system provides plenty of power to play the cunningham from either side of the boat

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