Veteran Emirates Team New Zealand Chooses Harken for AC34


ETNZ_Official_Supplier_logoPewaukee, WI—Emirates Team New Zealand has signed on with Harken as its official supplier for the 34th America's Cup. Harken will supply carbon racing winches and pedestals, gearboxes, titanium TTR2 blocks, and TTR2 sheaves to ETNZ.This will continue Harken's 17-plus year relationship with New Zealand's AC teams that spans five Cups.

"Team New Zealand was the first non-American team to mount a successful defense," said the team's managing director, Grant Dalton. "We had Harken with us when we won in 1995 and 2000, and we want Harken with us as we face the newest contenders. The debut of the AC72s also presents many opportunities for the innovation Harken is known for."

Harken first got involved with Team New Zealand in 1995 thanks to a longstanding friendship between Harken New Zealand's John Street and former syndicate head, Sir Peter Blake. Blake gave Harken its first opportunity to supply winches in the AC—the first winches in the industry to feature carbon fiber drums. He had asked Peter and Olaf Harken, "Can you guarantee your winches will be successful?" They replied, "We can't guarantee anything other than that we'll work our butts off to keep you sailing; we'll work around the clock if we need too." It was the first time in modern Cup history that one company provided complete deck hardware and winch packages to both America's Cup finalists—a trend Harken has carried on to this day.

Harken is currently supplying all existing 34th America's Cup teams. 

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