High Performance Genoa Leads Harken Expands Modular CB Traveler Line


G2737BIncludes High-Performance Genoa Lead Cars

Pewaukee, WI—Harken modular CB genoa leads are now offered with high-performance ball bearing and roller bearing sheaves for radial loads, while side-load ball bearings handle thrust loads for easy trimming and fore/aft adjustment. They join the new line of CB Genoa Leads and CB Travelers with multipart purchases and a modular design, giving sailors the flexibility to choose or change the purchase they need for effective sail trim control.

"The beauty of the Harken design is that if you want to change the purchase of the control lines, the modular configuration lets you make the adjustment yourself," said lead designer, Matt Luedtke. "If you want the power of additional purchase, Harken offers kits to make that upgrade."

Genoa lead cars come preassembled in 1:1 to 4:1 purchase configurations. Harken offers control block kits for cars and end controls to increase purchase.

Harken Genoa Lead CB cars with high-performance ball and roller bearing sheaves handle sheet loads on boats up to 15 m (50 ft). Their wide sheave holds two sheets for fast sail changes; sheave carriers pivot 60 degrees to accommodate changing lead angles.

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