Harken Waterproof Rogue Backpack and Accessories Keep your Gear Safe and Dry


Rogue backpack and accessoriesPewaukee, WI- With modular components, the Rogue system withwaterproof backpack, waterproof waist pouch, and padded laptopsleeve is the perfect solution whether you're cruising theCaribbean or hopping aboard for morning races. The external waistpouch can be unbuckled from the Rogue to carry smaller items orused as wearable waterproof pack if you're swimming off the boat.The laptop sleeve is great for extra protection on its own butslips into the backpack when you're ready to go.

"The waist pack and laptop sleeve are offered alone or with thebackpack so you can customize it for whatever you do," says Designand Production Manager Heidi Harken. "The laptop sleeve is greatanywhere and the waist pack is perfect to have poolside or whereverelse you need to keep a few things dry." 

The Rogue waterproof backpack is TPU-impregnated nylon to resistabrasion, stains, and UV. An air purge valve allows easycompression when using the waterproof roll-top closure. It includestwo exterior water bottle pockets, an elastic cord for your jacket,and padded back and shoulder straps for comfort. The WaterproofWaist Pouch also features TPU-impregnated nylon and a roll-topclosure. The3-liter pack has a large adjustable waistband withbreathable mesh and 3M reflective accents. Buckles attach it to theback of the Rogue. 

The Padded Laptop Sleeve is 100% polyester and fits the HarkenRogue Backpack or Pack-Lite Backpack.
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