Class History

With over 3000 boats and regattas from Maine to California, the Club 420 class is growing rapidly. The popular double-handed dinghy introduces junior sailors to the spinnaker and trapeze. It also teaches the importance of teamwork. The Club 420 plays a large roll in intercollegiate (ICSA) and Interscholastic (ISSA) sailing, with many college programs choosing the 420 because of its performance and durability. 420-sailplan.gif

Boat Specifications

Length: 13.90 ft (4.24 m)
Beam: 5.50 ft (1.68 m)
Mainsail Area 79.65 sq. ft (7.40 sq. m)
Jib: 30.14 sq. ft (2.80 sq. m)
Spinnaker: 95 sq. ft (8.83 sq. m)
Hull Weight: 230 lb (104.33 kg)

Club 420


420 Side ViewSpecial Order - HSB35490-Degree Fixed Head Block - 265929 mm Carbo T2 Single - 214675 mm Carbo Ratchamatic - 268057 mm Carbo Ratchamatic - 2625Micro Block w/Becket - 22540 mm Carbo T2 Single - 2149

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Limited Halyard Swivel Block

This special block allows your spinnaker the necessary rotation, but prevents your halyard from twisting. It is available at authorized Vanguard dealers.

Bridle System

Bridle systems on 420s are rapidly growing in popularity. Your bridle will work great with a 40 mm Carbo T2.

Club 420-TopCam_Matic Cam Cleat - 150Cam-Matic Cam Cleat - 150Carbo Cam Cleat - 365Bullseye Fairlead - 237Bullseye Fairlead - 237

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